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If a child is experiencing or has been abused, the signs and symptoms of possible child abuse may be identified by paying attention and observing both the child and their caregiver’s behaviour and attitudes. This will help you to recognise and help the child to obtain early help, which will prevent the problem from escalating to damage the child’s future.

Often children become secretive when they are not sure what they have experienced. They feel confused and distressed and resist in discussing anything. Many times, they are afraid of their abuser and feel hesitant to report the event. In this case, the earliest help that can be provided is to identify the sign and symptoms of child abuse and neglect. Physical and behavioural changes are major indicators in case of child abuse and neglect. Following are the few main signs of abuse that must be considered in children if they need help:

  • A child may become withdrawn from activities
  • The child tends to distrust people around her
  • The child often write or create stories, poems or artwork around issues of abuse and neglect
  • A child may be overly obedient and appears to be in fear
  • The child becomes too nervous and often biting nails excessively, sucking or rocking intensely
  • The child becomes too clumsy or being prone to having accidence
  • Exhibit low self-esteem and lack of confidence
  • A child may go to school in the morning often looking very tired and falling asleep
  • The child has difficulties in concentrating, which results in poor performance
  • The child is unable to give explanation to an injury or bruises or provides false explanation for an injury or bruises
  • The child develops a sudden change in behaviour such as often agitated, aggressive or demanding.
  • Indulging in risky behaviour such as drug and alcohol misuse
  • The child prefers to stay with friend and other members of his/her family instead of their normal parent or guardian
  • The child feels reluctant to go home or often run away from home
  • Make all the possible efforts to avoid offender and specific gender to whom he/she feels vulnerable.
  • inflicting self-harm, feeling suicidal or attempting suicide

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