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Raising Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect
At times it may be difficult to identify what Child Abuse really is, whether you are a child or you are concerned/working with a child experiencing or likely to experience any form of harm.  This page gives you the basic knowledge and signs to look out for regarding Child Abuse and Neglect.  What modern slavery is and the factors that influence children to be at high risk.  We explain how to protect children and help them to make informed decision to reduce risk behaviours and help then safe and healthy.


Our aim is to support less privileged children and families while raising awareness of child abuse and neglect. We also hope to reduce instances of risky behaviour and teenage pregnancy to help people make informed decisions concerning their health and well-being as well as spiritual uplifting if required. Our service is offered based on the individual’s voluntary choice.


Our books collection campaign ‘I can read and write’ has been very effective for the past 7 years in collecting quality UK standard of books to support children in Ghana- west Africa. This will help to meet the standard of a private school programme by ensuring that qualified teachers are adequately trained and well skilled.

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